Keep Your Family Safe

Keep Your Family Safe

Get your home inspected before you purchase

Looks can be deceiving, just because a home looks nice on the outside doesn't mean that it's structurally sound. Your potential home could have an expensive burden right under its foundation! The only way you could know if the property is a good investment is if you get it inspected before you buy.

Let Elliott's Information Services, LLC make sure your potential home is as safe and beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Our experienced home inspection will check out your:

•HVAC system
•Insulation and ventilation
•Electrical boxes/outlets
• Built-in kitchen appliances
•Basements and crawl spaces
•Garage (if applicable)
•And more!

Get your dream home inspected today. Call Elliott's Information Services, LLC in Presque Isle, Portland & Augusta, ME before you buy

Don't overpay for a home with structural issues

When you have your home inspected, you can use the report to negotiate the price. Don't spend more money than you need to and call Elliott's Information Services, LLC in Presque Isle, Maine to learn more.